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Step-by-step help along the way, all throughout the year!

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Get day-by-day, week-by-week, cycle-by-cycle guidance throughout the year for ALL your World Language courses -- first year and up -- from Tina Hargaden, the author of the Stepping Stones curriculum, Kaitlin Leppert, who has survived the transition from textbook-based teaching and can help YOU do the same, and a team of experienced coaches handpicked and trained by Tina and Kaitlin to support you as you implement the most comprehensive communicative language teaching program ever developed.

Get detailed, thorough explanations of the strategies that you will need to implement this literacy-focused, structured, approach to World Language teaching, plus videos modeling and explaining how to use them! Changing your approach to World Language teaching is rewarding, exciting, invigorating…and often overwhelming. Let us guide you as you take this step.

We will provide you a structured, flexible framework for organizing your daily lessons, your assessment program, and your year. All you have to do is choose the content that you want to plan your lessons around, and we're here to help you make your planning - even for multiple levels, mixed-ability classes, and classes that contain heritage learners and Novices or Intermediates, as simple and efficient as possible.

Let us guide you as you learn a new system that gives you the direction, focus, and structure that you might have felt is lacking in communicative language teaching up till now, with a strong system that allows you to teach practically any content, while also having a clear direction and learning pathway for your students.

Whether you have been teaching this way for years, or you are just making the shift now, the Stepping Stones approach is probably quite new to you. We set up Curriculum Club to help you have a super-successful transition. Let us hold the bike as you learn to pedal, and keep the training wheels on all year, with our support, encouragement, and guidance.

This group is for people who want to make what is happening in their communicative World Language classroom “make sense” to students, families, and administrators. For so long, proficiency-focused World Language teachers have closed the doors to their classrooms, hoping that their innovative approach to language teaching would perhaps go unnoticed by the Powers that Be, because it just did not seem to “fit” into the school system. With these materials, you can finally throw open the doors of your classroom and fearlessly share what you are doing, in a way that inspires your stakeholders and elevates the work you are doing to grow truly biliterate students.
This group is NOT for teachers who are happy doing World Language teaching their own way, who do not want to follow a daily lesson framework, who do not want to reorganize their teaching strategies into cycles of instruction to fit into genre-based units (Description, Narration, Information, and Opinion/Argumentation). It IS for teachers who are tired of going it alone, combing the internet and other resources for ways to make their vision of proficiency-oriented World Language teaching come alive, but without seeing a clear path or destination. We will lay out the path, traverse it together, meet and work through the challenges along the way, and use clear, standards-aligned assessment tools to celebrate our progress as we reach milestones in the journey.

We will be moving through the instructional and assessment cycles together, building your own practical implementation of this new vision of World Language curriculum as we go, using the comprehensive, thorough recipe book and ingredients list provided in the Stepping Stones curriculum.
You will basically receive almost the entire book, dripped out to you when you need it, in digestible chunks, and available to search within a shared Google Drive of bite-sized PDFs that outline bunches of strategies and tons of topics that will guide you in a deeper understanding of this approach to curriculum.
Work closely with a supportive, responsive group of knowledgeable colleagues, coaches, with the guidance of the author herself, Tina Hargaden, and a talented team of teacher coaches who are doing the work day by day right alongside you, to help you understand the ideas and strategies that will transform your students’ language outcomes and make your life in the classroom more organized, purposeful, and energizing.
If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get into the workshop we are building for you, and you are tired of feeling adrift in the sea of ideas, strategies, and resources available nowadays to communicative language teachers, then join us! You can cancel at any time. But our goal is to make this subscription SO VALUABLE and timesaving for you this year, that you will see the charge on your bank statement each month and say, “It’s worth five times what I am paying them!”
The time savings alone should be worth the investment. Tina has already done so much of the heavy lifting, writing the Stepping Stones book. But it is a weighty tome to digest. We want you to be 100% successful in implementing it. We want to support you. It is our mission, our passion, and our promise to you.
For about a dollar a day, you can finally have the step-by-step “HOW” that makes your “WHY” — raising up a new generation of biliterate Americans — achievable and planned-out, as stress-free as possible, and, perhaps most-importantly, fun and joyful, the way teaching is supposed to be!

You will receive all the information from Stepping Stones Year One and Beyond that will help you understand what you need to know right now in the school year, plus weekly videos talking you through the work, live video coaching, and access to a private discussion board staffed by our coaches and Curriculum Club Facebook group, so you can ask any questions that come up as you read, plan, prepare, work, or reflect.
There has never been a membership site for World Language teachers like this — a group that will be using common language, following a common schedule, using common instructional and assessment strategies, and working with common frameworks for daily instruction and the cycles of instruction and assessment through the year. It is going to be like putting turbo boosters on your teaching…and your students’ learning!
Our Fall Cohort is open for registration until November 29! After that, we will close registration so we can focus our energies on helping our members step by step with resources, plans, and support as we proceed through the work together.
If you want to learn more about if Curriculum Club membership is a good fit for you, please email Justin Schwamm at [email protected] and we will help you think through the choice to join us.

Your Instructor

The Curriculum Club Team
The Curriculum Club Team

The Curriculum Club Coaching Team, Tina Hargaden, the author of Foundations, Stepping Stones Beyond Year One and the director of the World Language Proficiency Project, and Alana Kubeczka, CI Liftoff Curriculum Director, is a group of hand-picked teacher leaders who want, above all, to see YOU grow in confidence and success, so that your students can too!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts THIS WEEK...and the support and community will continue until you cancel your monthly membership. You will have access to the downloadable curriculum resources and excerpts from Year One and Beyond for as long as you want.
What about the live video coaching?
Inside the course, you will be able to click on links to the live video coaching sessions, three times a week, and also have access to the recordings for as long as you are e Curriculum Club member. Within 24 hours, we will upload the links to the recorded meeting, so that you can watch and review them at your leisure and leave comments in our STAFFED comments section where our coaching team checks daily to make sure that YOUR questions are answered!
What if I am unhappy with my membership?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. And you can cancel your monthly payment at any time!
What is the cost?
Membership is $34 a month, which means that for about a dollar a day you can have access to day-by-day curriculum and assessment materials, calm down on your planning, and save HOURS of time spent looking for the Next Cool Idea and grading papers. Let US do the driving for less than the price of a candy bar per day. This has to be the world's best teacher deal! We will never offer Curriculum Club membership this low again, because it is getting more and more valuable every single day. BUT YOU can get the price you pay today, for as long as you maintain your subscription, if you sign up by November 15 when registration closes for at least three months so we can focus on serving our new and existing members!
Do you offer college credit for this course?
Yes! For an additional $120 fee, plus $69 per graduate credit hour, you can enroll in CI for Language Acquisition through the University of the Pacific, a two-semester graduate credit course that can be completed on your own time. We are working to develop a course option directly through the University of the Pacific whose only cost is the $69 credit fee per semester hour.
I am already using another program, and I just want more structure, direction, and support. Is this program a good fit for me?
Yep! In fact, Kaitlin Leppert is our resident expert in combining other resources with the cycles of instruction and assessment and the daily framework that this program is built around, and she is already working with Tina to get ready to help you do the same. She has been using various curriculum resources for the past few years, and she started reorganizing her textbook and other CI curriculum with the cycles and daily framework we are using. She can help you to use the resources you already know and love, with a new focus on literacy and a new structure of daily instruction and assessment that makes deciding what to teach, when, pretty much a no-brainer. It's very, very probable that no matter your situation, you can combine ANY THEMES OR TOPICS with this framework, and make this program work for you. And if, by some weird chance, it doesn't, we will refund all your money because we want you to have a system that WORKS FOR YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS.
What about grammar, vocabulary, and thematic units? I have to teach those things, too!
No sweat. You will have access to a conscious study module for you that lays out lots of ideas on how to teach grammar and vocabulary both within the communicative lessons and also during Language Study Days, when you can focus on conscious learning of the elements you are required to teach. It's not "all or nothing" in teaching, or life, or anything, and we want to help you get along in your current system, with the least amount of stress trying to get your language communication to do all the work. When it's time to teach your students something they just need to KNOW, we got you covered! No matter what themes or topics you need (or want!) to teach, we are pretty much 101% convinced that the systems Tina has developed will help you teach in a more engaging, student-centered, communicative way, to build lasting language proficiency. And if you find, for some weird reason, that you just can't make it work, we will refund all of your money, because our main goal is helping you find a system that works for YOU and YOUR STUDENTS!

We are so excited to launch our Fall cohort, to help YOU and YOUR STUDENTS finish this school year strong and prepare for you to launch into next year confident and totally in the groove of "Smarter, Not Harder" curriculum and lesson design.

You literally have nothing to lose except confusion, overwhelm, and that directionless feeling that so many of us have as we step into a new way of teaching. Our goal is to make this the BEST PD investment you have ever made. And we will give you all your money back if we do not make good on that promise. This group has been years in the making and is a labor of love for YOU and YOUR STUDENTS. We are so very much looking forward to our work together this year.

A personal note from Tina

I have wanted to offer this type of support for so long now, and I am not known for being the world's most patient person. As I have been writing the 722 pages in the Stepping Stones book, I have struggled with how to make the very detailed, new information digestible to those who want to follow this curriculum. It is a LOT, and is best tackled in smaller chunks, as you need it, with guidance and support.

Try as I might, I cannot provide that support through Facebook or any other mechanism. As I have been writing furiously throughout the last year, and especially over the summer, knowing that this group was in the works has been a comfort to me as I type every early morning, spelling out a brand-new, super-comprehensive way to teach and assess in our World Language courses. I have worked so hard to bring this vision to you, to combine my 18 years as an educator and avid student of curriculum design and best practices in literacy instruction into a system that makes it all make sense and fits the work of language acquisition into schoolrooms.

I cannot wait, Can. Not. Wait., to work with those who sign up for this journey with us. Each and every one of the coaches that we are preparing right now to support you are my close personal friends and colleagues, people I respect to the Nth degree, and dedicated educators who also have a passion for supporting the profession in general. I cannot wait for you to meet them soon, and to see our growth together!

Thank you so much for your dedication to students and to the profession and to the vision of a nation of biliterate, interculturally-competent, tolerant citizens. It is such an honor and a joy to work with you. Cannot, cannot, CAN NOT wait.
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We literally want you to look at your bank statement each month and say, "It's SO worth it!" That's our goal for you -- to give you a go-to place on the internet, where you can be with a supportive group of like-minded language educators who are ready to shift the profession into higher orbit!

Get started now!