Student Artists

How to Use Student-Created Artwork to Engage Students in Compelling Comprehensible Input

This book is for teachers who want to make their classes a place of visual creativity, places where quiet students can shine through their artwork, places where your students can take pride in high-quality representations of their collective creativity and uniqueness as a group.

Student artwork puts the group’s creativity front and center in your classroom. It personalizes stories and the physical classroom space. It enhances emotion, which greatly strengthens students’ memory of the language used in the story. Kids love cartoons and color and whimsy and drawings. Invite these elements into your teaching and watch your kids’ levels of engagement in class soar.

The authors of this book have found that in our own work, the use of artwork generated by students has no peer in offering the strongest possible language support in our comprehensible input classrooms.

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Ben and Tina
Ben and Tina

Ben Slavic and Tina Hargaden are on a mission - to make your life in the classroom as simple and joyful as we possibly can.

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