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Sign up for a thirty-minute or one-hour phone call to problem solve your burning questions about teaching languages for proficiency. Email in advance of your appointment with details to help Tina diagnose your situation and plan ways to support you in achieving your goals for your communicative language classroom! You would be surprised what we can accomplish in thirty minutes or one hour. You can participate alone or with a group.

There are many ways to utilize these consultations. If you have ideas to run by Tina, please email our scheduling support person, Tamarah at [email protected]

Tina's probably down to help you in whatever way you think is best for you, your colleagues, or your students!

Thirty Minutes $80
One Hour $120

Series of Three Thirty-Minute Sessions $180 (save 25%)
Series of Three Hour Sessions $270 (save 25%)

Series of Six Thirty-Minute Sessions $312 (save 35%)
Series of Six Hour Sessions $468 (save 35%)

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Tina Hargaden
Tina Hargaden

Tina Hargaden has been a language and literacy educator for 17 years, and has taught middle and high school English Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, French, Spanish and ESOL. Her passion is supporting teachers to strengthen their literacy instruction, design courses that foster efficient and lasting language acquisition, and implement authentic performance assessment, because it is her firm belief that when we shift our language instruction to a proficiency stance, we help ensure equitable access to academic success for more students. She lives in Portland, Oregon and is the founding director of the World Language Proficiency Project and CI Liftoff. Tina is the author of the book, Foundations: A Natural Approach to the Transition Year, which provides step-by-step guidance for a year of communicative, proficiency-oriented World Language instruction. She has presented and keynoted at numerous state, regional, and national conferences, worked with many school districts and departments, and given workshops and institutes to educators all over to support them in strengthening language outcomes for all students. To inquire about having Tina come to your town, please email [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are refunds available if I am not happy with the solutions we come up with?
Sure, they are! And, cause, you know, it could be a little awkward asking for a refund on one-on-one coaching, it's totally automatic within thirty days of your purchase...and Tina's so busy that she probably will never even know, unless you tell her! (Which might be nice, if you can help her coach better)
Is this a video or phone call?
It's a phone call. If you want to have a video meeting, please email Tamarah at [email protected] The pricing is different, and she can walk you through it.

I have seen teachers' burning questions and seemingly-insurmountable obstacles sort of disappear while we talk. I've been helping teachers like you for a long time now, and I firmly believe that everything, no matter how thorny it may look to you, is actually 100% figure-outable. I have developed so many resources that I can send you while we talk and in a follow-up email, that there is a very high chance that I have something just sitting in my Google Drive that could shift your thorniest situations.

If you do not feel like our conversation was super-valuable, you are always protected by our 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

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