The Most Foundational Comprehension-Based Teaching Skill You Will Ever Learn

This book is for teachers who want to make their classes a place of peace, rest and repose in today’s endless educational bustle characterized by school cultures in which the students are often out of control as a result of not being engaged because they do not understand. SLOW is the most important skill of all in any CI classroom.

When students sense that we want to speak to them without hurry, putting their comprehension above all else, they begin to trust us. Of course we need to point and pause, which really is just an aspect of slow, and use visual supports, and the rest, but SLOW is the skill that makes all the other skills work. SLOW is the engine.

Go SLOW to go big!

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Ben and Tina
Ben and Tina

Ben Slavic and Tina Hargaden are on a mission - to make your life in the classroom as simple and joyful as we possibly can.

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